Delhi Times/Delhi Slimes

Today’s “Delhi Slimes” has an article about our Blogger Meet.

TTG also has a post about the article.

Now, the thing about the article is that, well, one, that Delhi Times (now Slimes) has sunk the lowest they could ever go; and two, that this article completely and totally misinterprets everything that was said that day.

I’m so fuckin’ furious!

The only lucky thing about it, as TTG says too, is that River‘s name in the article isn’t her real name.

I so hope Vulturo posts this “James’ ” number on his blog!

Update: James’ number- 9818205432



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9 responses to “Delhi Times/Delhi Slimes

  1. Delhi's Deviant

    that’s true. The Delhi slimes has definitely run out of news/articles to publish. talking about Dan Rather,i think we’ve just found Indian journalism’s first target.

  2. Eastmancolour

    stupid SHITS !
    bluddy MORONS !

    how LOW can LOW be ???
    THIS is the level of a national NEWSPAPER ??
    gimme a fuckin BREAK !

    STING operations on BLOGGER meets to see if they DO say they’re “elite bloggers” ??

    hats off Delhi Times ! Toilet paper is more useful 😛

    what kinda stupid shit IS it anyway ?

  3. A Hairy Snail

    okei. sounds rather bad. but, could you please put out the full details? sequencially – wasn’t able to read the delhi times article…

  4. Three drinks always!

    estellite and eastman: Yes, this is what a national newspaper sees fit to “report”. Yes, toilet paper would be more useful!

    melchizedek: The first link in my post, the one about the article, is now working. Or, temme if you want me to mail it to you.

  5. Anonymous

    shit…wat a dumb fuck!!(notice the effective use of all abusive words in one sentence)the article is rather lame and badly written …wat is TOI? a high school daily ??

  6. Anonymous

    Anvita, even a high school daily is better than the TOI crap!

  7. Enemy of the Republic

    If they are after you in Delhi, what will become the fate of the American blogger? No one knows what to do with us. But we will not let you stand alone.

    These people are amazing idiots. Fear, fear, fear.

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