I love Garfield!
…Even more so since I’ve had Xena. Cats are all so like Garfield! 😀

This is the first Garfield strip that Jim Davies made. It was published on the 19th of June 1978.

This one here was when Odie appeared for the first time – on the 9th of August 1978.

This, here, was the first time that Pooky made an appearance. The 23rd of October 1978.

And, this is today’s Garfield strip:



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13 responses to “Gaaaarfield!!

  1. Thetis

    don’t we all (love him)?

  2. Anvita Thapliyal

    read ur blog after a longgggg time…

  3. Three drinks always!

    thetis – yep. sure do. isn’t he just so fantastically lazy? oh, how I love the vicarious pleasure every morning… 🙂

    anvita – “read my blog after a longgggg time”…and…?? Post on yours too, woman! And, why forgotten our Mashaalein?

  4. A Hairy Snail

    LOL! naish!

  5. A Hairy Snail

    LOL! naish!

  6. Eastmancolour

    here kitty kitty kitty !

    i LAAAV IT !! 😀

    miss you 😦
    *hugsss* >:D<

  7. Three drinks always!

    mel – yes, ain’t it? 🙂

    arvind – y’know, if you said that to Garfield…or to Xena…all you’d get was one really disdainful stare.

  8. matthewprehiem7976

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  9. ~River~

    Garfield’s one of my all-time favourites too. Really liked the first ever strip. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Eastmancolour

    so why has THIS ceiling fan stopped ????

    hell !

    UNWRAP your ears 😛

  11. Anonymous

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  12. ~River~

    You have a child, a problem child, at that??!!!

    You never told me!

    *goes and sulks in a corner*

    (But seriously, get word-verification)

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