Post Script to the last post:

Papa, you got a blog too now. Welcome, blogger! And, you’re tagged! 😀

My Dad’s blog, ladies and gentlemen… The Travels and Adventures of Thor.



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2 responses to “Post Script to the last post:

  1. A Hairy Snail

    hey thanks for dropping by – do come more often.nice blog – am working my way through it.and your dad has a blog – too cool!!!:D

    me: hey melchizedek! thanks for dropping by. glad you like the blog – i aim to please. 😀
    do keep stopping by.

  2. ~River~

    Hey,Came by to say hi and all that. Kewl blog too. Will definitely keep coming in to read. 🙂

    me: Glad you like it.
    And, I just left a comment on yours. Love your poems. 🙂

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