I was tagged by Anvita…so here goes…and remember what it said on your going away party cake?…that’s what you are, woman!

Three names I go by:

  1. Aanchal
  2. Ant (??!!)
  3. Her Royal Airness (…due to the famous “airhead mode”)

Three screen names:

  1. Aanchal
  2. Aanchal Tyagi
  3. Magic (I know, I know…dumb screen name…in my defence…I was 15!!)

Three things I like about myself:

  1. That I’m so much like Mom.
  2. That I’m nice to people…mostly.
  3. That I’m quite intelligent, and can be rather good at whatever I set my mind to (…except at maths, physics and chemistry!).

Three things I don’t like about myself:

  1. Lazy
  2. Impatient with people who act/are stupid (…and yes, Anvita…I kinda like that about myself too).
  3. That I can’t really talk with someone I’ve just met

Three things that scare me:

  1. Horror films…and they scare me not just in the way that they scare most people…they freak me out..for years!!
  2. That my computer will crash one day, and I’ll have no back-up!
  3. Fire

Three essentials:

  1. A wonderful childhood…like I’ve had.
  2. Hope.
  3. A top-of-the-line computer with high-speed internet.

Three things I like in the opposite sex:

  1. The fact that it is the “opposite” sex.
  2. Lesser hang-ups about supposed morality.
  3. Simple minds. Ha! Ha! Ha! *evil laughter*

Three things I want to do badly right now:

  1. Write an amazing screenplay.
  2. Go home for a few days.
  3. Go on a really nice holiday…maybe to Kanataal.

Three careers I’m considering right now:

  1. A film-maker.
  2. An editor.
  3. …and that’s it…more the first option anyway.

Three places I’d love to go on vacation:

  1. Morocco
  2. Europe (…all of it…kinda makes answering this question easier!)
  3. Kerala

Three kids’ names I like and why:

  1. Mihika
  2. Kaahini (Anvita, that’s what happens when you tell people! Ha!)
  3. Ankush

…because all three sound lovely and/or mean lovely things.

    Three things to do before dying:

    1. Stay happy, love, and be loved…always.
    2. Make films.
    3. Bring up great kids (…like my parents did!)

    Three people to get to do this wonderful questionnaire:

    1. Arvind
    2. Papa…but he doesn’t have a blog yet.
    3. Gourav…and he doesn’t have a blog either.

    Finished! Whew!!



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    2 responses to “Tagged!

    1. Eastmancolour

      HEY !!!
      gimme a break !!
      I can’t be TWICE TAGGED !!
      jeezuz :-O

      buh neat 😀
      aa laak it !
      heh heh heh.

      err…simple minds eh ? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

    2. Anvita Thapliyal

      u evil B*****…now u go on and put the ame the internet…i’ll see 2 it tht it comes and bites u in the ass one day…u baby name theif u!!!

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