Bol Ke Lab Aazaad Hain Tere by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Ayodhya attack: Six terrorists killed
Tuesday, July 5, 2005 (Ayodhya):

Six terrorists today made an abortive attempt to storm the high-security Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya.All six of them were shot dead in a one and a-half hour encounter with the security forces guarding the complex.

There has been no damage to the make-shift shrine at the religious site.

The attackers had hired a taxi on the pretext of doing sight seeing around Ayodhya. Once in the car, they forced the driver away from the wheel and took control.

Breaching the wall

The driver, hired by the terrorists, is alive and has been arrested. He told the police that the terrorists had claimed to be tourists and even prayed at a temple before the attack.

On reaching the temple complex, one of the terrorists drove an explosives-laden jeep to the outer fence and blew up the jeep and himself. The other five then ran in firing their guns and setting off grenades.

They stopped by the security personnel at the Sita Rasoi, outside the periphery of the disputed site. The CRPF engaged the militants in a gunbattle, at the end of which all six militants were killed.

“After the blast, there was an opening through which the terrorists entered. That is when the CRPF got alert and retaliated,” said Jyoti Kumar Sinha, director general, CRPF.

One unidentified person was killed in the crossfire while three security personnel were injured.

The terrorists were carrying AK 47s and grenades. The bomb-disposal squads called in to comb the area found rocket launchers as well. The CRPF, which led the operation, says one of the dead militants was a human bomb.

Late in the evening, police found another jeep hired by the terrorists to travel from Akbarpur to Faizabad. The driver has been arrested.

Cabinet meet

Later the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil briefed the Union Cabinet on the terrorist attack in Ayodhya.

Intelligence reports so far indicate that Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) could be behind the attack.

In view of the incident, a red alert has been sounded in state capitals across the country.

This is the first terrorist attack on the disputed complex, since the makeshift temple came up after the demolition of Babri masjid in December 1992.

Locals calm

However, the real eye opener after today’s attack was the attitude of the people of Ayodhya, where not one communal clash was reported.

Shops and small businesses were open as usual – a sign perhaps that the people of the town can be more level-headed than many of our political parties.

So said today’s news…

So, the locals are calm. Why then would the BJP want to call a “nation-wide protest against the terrorist attack”?! Political motivations I understand…but not an IOTA of integrity either? What the hell are they thinking?!! WHY in the world would they get the whole country into something that’s thankfully (for once!) not been made into a queston of religion…yet?!! Why can’t these men, of the RSS and the BJP, think of the country…just for once?!!

bol ke lab aazaad hai.n tere
bol zabaa.N ab tak terii hai
teraa sutawaa.N jism hai teraa
bol ki jaa.N ab tak terii hai
dekh ke aaha.ngar kii dukaa.N me.n
tu.nd hai.n shole surKh hai aahan
khulane lage quffalo.n ke dahaane
phailaa har ek zanjiir kaa daaman
bol ye tho.Daa waqt bahot hai
jism-o-zabaa.N kii maut se pahale
bol ki sach zi.ndaa hai abb tak
bol jo kuchh kahane hai kah le

[sutawaa.N=well built; aaha.ngar=blacksmith; tu.nd=sharp (here it means bright);]
[aaha.ngar=black-smith; quffalo.n ke dahaane=keyhole]



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2 responses to “Bol Ke Lab Aazaad Hain Tere by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

  1. Anvita Thapliyal

    and yet people wonder why it is getting difficult to get out of bed , breath and be these days…books once made me happy, now i am miserable with them….don’t worry aanchal, close ur eyes and shut ur ears and we’ll all be alrighta

    me: Closing one’s eyes and shutting one’s ears doesn’t work…and shouldn’t work either actually. That, I think, would be escapism.

    Everything can be good, and everything can be bad. Depends how you see it. Some things, though, are intrinsically bad…but then, how can everything be good all of the time?

    Makes me think of that song…
    Aa chal ke tujhe main le ke chaloon
    ek aise gagan ke tale
    jahaan ghum bhi na ho
    aansoon bhi na ho
    bas pyaar hi pyaar pale….

    Kinda utopian, ain’t it? And, would be kinda boring too, wouldn’t it?

  2. Gourav

    news as it comes to you…news which speaks of violence and the ‘protests’ of extremist factions strangely tryiing to represent the grossly misrepresented “masses”…news which comes to you with its own underlying opinions sometimes giving facts in a different light…blurring the lines between facts as they are and news in today’s times, which tells us about them…. Sowwy about this cynical take on the scheme of things…no real connection with what happened on the ayodhya front…in fact u can say i did a “BJP” here with a completely unrelated comment to the moot point in question on the blogpost!!!…

    Strange days have found us
    And through their strange hours
    We linger alone
    Bodies confused
    Memories misused
    As we run from the day
    To a strange night of stone
    Cynical being the word for the day

    …Lyrics from ‘Strange Days’ by The Doors…

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