When We Fail

What are we going to do when we fail. When we find the wrong kind of tears running down our cheeks. When we look at our gods and see mortals instead. When the sports page reads like an obituary. When we know others are celebrating our grief. What are we going to do when we fail. We’re going to look up from our toes. And into the sun. Without flinching. We’re going to walk out there alone. Again. Grit our teeth. Take guard. And wait for the next ball.

At the university of life, admission is open to all. All I need is my mind. Clever to pick up lessons. Smart to learn from mistakes. To things I have to learn. To things life has to teach.



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2 responses to “When We Fail

  1. Eastmancolour

    you have given me ideas, thoughts.
    Now I’m a dangerous man.
    A danger to myself… others dont get affected.

    Danger be better than fear?
    what the hell.

    If i’m not living..i just am not living.

    let’s change that a bit. Will you stick around?
    Who else will?
    let’s see:)

  2. Anvita Thapliyal

    now wat have u been telling my man of east…he seems crazier thn usual…;)???

    PS:goodbye…am off to pune!!

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