In Your Ocean Eyes

The fringe of day, dusk
where the two hours of time meet–
neither night nor day, neither today nor tomorrow.
One moment eternal, another just smoke–
on this day’s fringe, for a moment or two
the fervour of lips,
the ardour of arms,
this union of ours, neither true nor false.
Why say a false thing
when in your ocean eyes
will sink this evening’s sun?
Then everyone will sleep blissfully in his house
and the traveller will wend his way.

This is a translation of Faiz’s ‘teri samandar aankhon mein’ by Shiv K Kumar.


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One response to “In Your Ocean Eyes

  1. Eastmancolour

    teri samandar aankhon meinpretty many times heard it (read it).and now i’m thinking “vials” …huge..large.. 1 tonne capacity vials ! strange and fragmented thoughts.I liked the one about 90% of the world being stupid. I think stupidity is multidimensional… you’re a vector in this space.My vector is at an extreme…DAMN i’m stupid or what :Psee you in another dimension.

    me: Good luck with finding giant vials to drown your advisor in KCN! 😀

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